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Rooms to rent in Afytos Kassandra Chalkidiki

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About Afytos chalkidiki

Afytos The Village

Built with the local light limestone, located on a high rock, gazes at the green blue Toroneos gulf, Sithoniapenisnsula and the most brilliant sunrise. In some days somebody can either see the Holy Mount Athos beyond the blue and the green of the sea.

Stone made and ancient, bright and overgrown Afytos is levitating and carries the weight of tradition and beauty. Only when the visitors are located on the rock of Afytos and then wander in the picturesque alleys in between the stone houses, only when they get drunk from the flavors of the flowers of the gardens, only then they will realize that time is lost and maybe the idea of living in Afytos permanently will be stuck in their minds. Many were they who stayed in Afytos permanently after their first visit. Many are they who return every summer.

Afytos provides a unique experience to the visitor as it is the only seaside village in Chalkidiki which managed to conserve, preserveand expand the traditional character through the folk architecture of its buildings.

It is not irrelevant that the unusual beauty and magic of Afytos was attracting the bards of the beauty, the artists and the writers and inspired the local population through the centuries.

Afytos village is a declared protected traditional settlement and the whole seaside area is as well a declared protected archaeological zone by the Ministry of Culture of Greece. The ancient city of Afytis was a thriving colony founded during the 8th century BC and was a blooming religious hotspot through the ancient times with its numerous and bright sanctuaries and temples. Aristotle in his master work Politika (Πολιτικά) describes that the people of Afytis were the most fair and decent among those who lived in the ancient world. The name HYTRO derives from the name of an ancient district of the city, named Hytropolis according to the legendary British historian N. G. L. Hammond.

Today Afytos is a cosmopolitan summer destination with infrastructure that can meet the needs of the most demanding visitors as it provides a large variety of restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars, beautiful shops, beach bars and marvelous, organized beaches with crystal waters and also some hidden, secret beaches where one can enjoy the serenity and the beauty of the sea in some privacy.